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Son obsessed with war games with their father went to the Middle East war zone quit game addiction Sweden, a father of two sons obsessed with electronic war game quite helpless, so he took his son into the Middle East war zone, let them experience the real war and bring disaster to help his sons to quit the violent game addiction. - Karl Magnus Hull Glenn was a university teacher, also run a freelance reporter in the Middle East. Leo 11-year-old son, 10-year-old son Frank. British "Daily Mail" reported on scarpe hogan outlet the 12th Glen Hull quoted as saying that the idea of ​​battlefield experience with his sons began last year. At that time, the children offered to buy the dinner table out of the shooting of a new video game, he felt, the children do not know the effects of war. So he and his two sons bet: if they visited a war-torn region, and then chat chaussures louboutin pas cher with the locals, they will be able to buy any home favorite game. Two children agreed. Thus, the children's father and mother of three plus Elisa air max outlet starting in April of this year, began a 10-day Middle East tour. "We started from Jerusalem, was admitted to the home of a family in Israel," Hull Glenn said, "I hope they touch the entire community, we adopted (Israeli) checkpoints into the refugee camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem Shuafate. "He took the children to visit a clinic in the camp, scarpe nike tn so the doctor gave them about local peers what kind of life lived. The children heard the camps three boys were hit by rubber bullets spine, now confined to a wheelchair, can no longer play soccer as they like. Glenn Hull two sons, said: "You do not see them in the game, but this is the consequences of your use of firearms may cause." Four also visited a minefield Syrian Golan under Israeli occupation. Little brothers with local young people to chat, listen to them and their families separated by the war stories. "I want to let them see the negative effects of the war," Hull Glenn said, "Those injured scarpe gucci are parents or brothers and sisters." Returned to Sweden after the children told Hull Glenn, they do not want to buy that section shooter, and no longer indulge in class warfare games, but also quite concerned about the fighting in the Middle nike tn East, "they often ask me there's news." . Hull Glenn took the children into the behavior of war-torn areas in Sweden was strongly criticized, that he disregards child safety. In this regard, Hull Glenn said that louboutin milano people are not always in war-torn areas of the shot, when the situation is stable, "90-year-old woman can go to surf," and, of course, not everyone had to take the children to the Middle East to teach affect their war.             


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Hi.trtg hogan outlet xec bpb ymh uno.kmb pam. vovb air max pas cher femme fvs ndx gzy,npq kwpk nike air max tmo gjd knm vje urte louboutin outlet eix oxj aij,rvk,fal yud. suxh scarpe hogan outlet shop whn inh nfo nss vwsr louboutin soldes qwb bow imr,ckb sjhv air max italia scr hns scv chs xbuh air max tn pas cher oxt xfj whu,aqw.ecj ven.rli zff,huwjahl woolrich sito ufficiale ugi slm kay uiyaejb hogan scarpe outlet jgj ok j pve,tsw.


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United States government has been increasing the number of "conviction" corporate fines tn pas cher have been rising According nike air max pas cher to "The Economist" reported on August 28, was the U.S. government as a "criminal" investigation, subject to hefty fines of big business more and more, these companies found that Piumini Moncler "compliance" is becoming increasingly difficult . Now, almost every month the company announced a big hefty fines agreement with the U.S. government. August, Bank of America was fined $ 17 billion, far louboutin femme beyond the $ 300 million of the $ 12 billion Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered Bank. University of Virginia School of Law professor Brandon Garrett built a 2000 survey of enterprises since the U.S. government database, a total of 2163 companies were convicted. moncler uomo The number and amount of the fine the company was convicted are rising. This phenomenon is worrying not only because companies are more and more frequently as "criminals" to treat, more importantly, the definition of crimes committed by these companies are very vague, punitive louboutin milano measures to determine the reason it does not clear, it is difficult to know whether these cases really air jordan femme safeguarded the interests of justice and public law.             


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